Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

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Did you know that wet leaves can cause mold?

SERVPRO of St. Cloud is here to warn you that wet leaves can cause mold issues. When leaves are slightly wet or damp and collected in garbage bins and bags they will create mold

In fact, shredded leaves quicken this process. This is because most leaves are fresh when they are raked into piles, their mineral and nutrient contents are still high, which promotes mold growth. If air is able to get into the pile or bag, the mold growth will also quicken. 

If you ever discover any mold call SERVPRO of St. Cloud, our crew will get there in a quick manner to begin the process. We can be reached at (320) 248-5400 for all your fire, water, or mold damage!

CALL NOW AT (320) 248-5400!

Mold shown on ceiling in bedroom. Call SERVPRO of St. Cloud for cleanup!

This bedroom shows mold visible on the ceiling where the ceiling meets the wall.  This home in St. Cloud, Mn had mold throughout the bedrooms, living room, and kitchen.  Often times, mold is present; however, you are not able to see it with you eye.  If you suspect mold, please contact SERVPRO of St. Cloud.  We will be able to provide you with an air quality test and give you solutions to your problem.  We are available 24/7 at (320) 248-5400/

Mold damage in need of cleanup!

At first glance, this may look like polka dotted walls.  No, it's not!  It is mold throughout the bathroom after a pipe burst and ran for several days causing enormous amount of damage to the entire lower level.  This wall shows mold that needs to be removed. 

If you suspect mold in your house or business that needs to be addressed, please contact our office at (320) 248-5400.

Got mold? SERVPRO of St. Cloud is here to help!

Do you have mold at your home or business?  SERVPRO of St. Cloud can help repair your damages!  This cabin in Central Minnesota suffered mold after a shower pipe burst squirting water and went unnoticed for several weeks!  The lower level was damaged from the ceiling, walls, and floors.  Look for upcoming photos of before and after SERVPRO of St. Cloud came in to help!


Should you need assistance from water, fire, or mold damage repairs, please contact our office at (320) 248-5400.  We are always here to help you in your time of disaster!

Mold cleanup in St. Joseph, Mn.

This home had mold present on the walls throughout the basement.  The homeowner had health concerns and contacted SERVPRO of St. Cloud to remove the mold.  Mold may be detrimental to your health and important to remove from your house.  Look for upcoming before and after photos of the cleanup. 


Should you house or business have mold present, please contact SERVPRO of St. Cloud at (320) 248-5400 for all your cleanup needs!

Working on mold remediation

Damage to basement walls as the wood was rotting and concrete discoloring.

Mold and rotten material from water damage- Mold remediation in St. Cloud Mn.

Leaking windows for years caused the wood to rot and mold under the brick exterior.

Visible mold growth in house in Central Minnesota.

SERVPRO of St. Cloud responded to a flooded basement after a pipe burst at a cabin. As it was not used over the winter months, it is unclear how long the water damage occurred. Visible mold was seen in the upstairs of the home. SERVPRO of St. Cloud is in the process of making the necessary repairs. Check back later to see before and after pictures once the job is complete!

Visible mold on the ceiling

SERVPRO of St. Cloud is in the process of working with a homeowner in regards to mold in their house. Look for before and after photos to be posted shortly. Should you have mold in your house, SERVPRO of St. Cloud can have air quality testing done to protect you and your family. Call SERVPRO of St. Cloud for any of your mold concerns at (320) 248-5400.