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Commercial Property - Water Damage

Commercial Property Damage? Call SERVPRO of St. Cloud SERVPRO of St. Cloud in the midst of cleaning up this commercial property after it experienced water damag... READ MORE

SERVPRO of St. Cloud Getting the Job Done

Water Damage in Residential Home SERVPRO of St. Cloud at work in a Saint Cloud, Minnesota home. They arrived on the scene of water damage where they began the d... READ MORE

SERVPRO of St. Cloud Gets The Job Done

Getting The Job Going The SERVPRO of St. Cloud crew will get to the job in a quick manner. Their goal is to minimize the amount of damage that can occur from th... READ MORE

SERVPRO of St. Cloud Responds to a Fire

Cabin Home Damaged By Flames SERVPRO of St. Cloud responded to an emergency call due to fire damage. The fire caused severe damage to their cabin home. The crew... READ MORE

SERVPRO of St. Cloud Getting Going

Commercial Property Experiences Water Damage SERVPRO of St. Cloud arrived to a commercial property that called with concerns of water damage. The water damage w... READ MORE

Beautiful Lake Home Experiences Water Damage

Water Damage - Call SERVPRO of St. Cloud Beautiful lake home in Annandale, MN experiences water damage that caused them to call SERVPRO of St. Cloud for assista... READ MORE

Cabin Experienced a Frozen Pipe Burst

Have a House Sitter This family's cabin experienced water damage from a frozen pipe. They were gone for several weeks, and came back to a burst pipe. The burst ... READ MORE

Be Aware of Water Damage

Frozen Pipes When a pipe bursts, it is important to call SERVPRO of St. Cloud right away. By calling us right away we can begin the process of removing the wate... READ MORE

Water Damage - Hardwood Flooring

Economical Way to Dry When hardwood flooring comes into contact with too much water, it can cause cupping and crowning. The cupping and crowning can be avoided ... READ MORE

Home Experienced Water Damage

Dishwasher Leak The two photos above show a before and after of water damage from a dishwasher leak from above. When this damage was discovered SERVPRO of St. C... READ MORE